What We Do

For Investors

AMI provides top-tier media finance opportunities for innovative investors. AMI has an extensive track record, having financed and produced more than a dozen films for the International market.

AMI brings the following to our investment partnerships:

Best-in-Class Deal Flow. Extensive industry relationships and major co-investment and production partnerships that deliver significant deal flow of quality investment opportunities

Strong Risk Mitigation. Attractive deal structures that provide investors with significant risk mitigation, attractive IRRs and residual income upside. Secured financing structures that ensure the vast majority of production budgets are covered by government funding and pre-sales.

Co-Investment Partnerships that provide exclusive high quality deal flow and added underwriting scrutiny.

Purpose-Driven Investing. Our mission and values focus on creating stories of substance and relevance: stories that resonate with the sensibilities and values of the current culture, and promote diverse voices and points of view.

Sizzle. Access to red carpet premieres and many other exclusive industry perks

For Media Properties

AMI is a valued media partner providing adaptable forms of producing services and financing for film and television projects with an extensive track record, having financed and produced more than a dozen films for the international market.

AMI brings the following to all of our projects:

Flexible Models. We create innovative producing and financing models specific to each project, allowing each production to maximise its efficiency.

Transparent Deals. We are open about how our models work and what possibilities are available, and we never overpromise.

Potential Financing Partnerships. We can leverage our extensive relationships to provide the best financing model for the strongest deal.

Storytelling Mandates. AMI is committed to supporting stories of substance and relevance from diverse points of view, which means our financing recognizes budgets that encourage artistic integrity.

Good Vibes. We pride ourselves on maintaining positive working relationships with long-term partners.