Who We Are

AMI is an independent film production and financing company founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Sara Shaak. To date, AMI is credited as producer and financier of over 12 feature films and currently has over 25 projects in various stages of the production pipeline with a variety of international partners.

Our Focus: Stories of Relevance and Substance

  • Stories that resonate with the sensibilities and values of the current culture and offer a unique voice into the zeitgeist
  • Equitable and fair representation across gender, racial, and cultural spectrums
  • Predominantly Canadian produced, co-produced or financed and always in a trustworthy tax incentive jurisdiction
  • Feature films, limited series and TV series with accomplished directors, writers and cast

Our Team: Focused & Connected

  • AMI maintains a lean in-house team with solid outside connections to influential partners within the industry, allowing us to scale up or down depending on the size of any given project or our pipeline volume.
  • On a project-to-project basis, we are then able to pull in the production partners, financing entities, and distributors that we consistently work with, allowing us to maximize our impact on a project.